Animal Welfare Week Day 3 - Brush animals


Day 3 brush animals

A topic that often directly affects us artists, as many artist's brushes, shaving brushes and make-up brushes are still made from animal hair. Fur from wild animals such as polecats, weasels or squirrels is often used, but also tail hair from horses, hair from the tip of cattle's tails or bristles from pigs and wild boars. These are often by-products from factory farming or the fur industry, but wild animals in particular are hunted with snares or snares and die in agony. 

The hair also usually comes from abroad (e.g. Asia), where animal protection laws are much weaker than in Europe. The living conditions of the animals there are unknown. 

The additional animal suffering can easily be prevented by switching to synthetic brushes. They are easier to care for, can be used in a variety of ways and are often more durable. In addition, there are now even plant-based alternatives, but they are not yet used very often. 

The major brush manufacturers for artists' brushes have no plans to turn away from selling real hair brushes, but the range of synthetic brushes is getting bigger and bigger and is really recommended. 

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