Plans for Annikas Arts in 2022

First of all. Make better plans. 😅 I mean, of course I plan a lot every year, but I forget a lot of things or miss them because I just haven't made a concrete plan. ⁣
In any case, I would like to take part in at least one drawing competition next year, preferably more. 😄⁣

There are also plans to offer more order slots for key fobs, they were simply very popular this year. 🥰⁣
The first few weeks are already fully booked, but I've still decided to keep a few slots free for myself because I have a few things planned that I'll tell you about when the time comes. Above all, the online shop needs to be filled out a little with the prints and print products. 😊⁣
The highlight would be if I had the opportunity to exhibit at a small trade fair. Depending on how the situation in the pandemic develops and how far I would actually have to drive for it, I will let it happen to me for now. ⁣

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