What a week. 😄 There's so much to do, the nice weather is over and I'm just looking forward to the weekend to take a breather. And amid all the stress, something happened that I hadn't even expected. The 10,000 followers on Instagram have been reached. 🤯
Absolute madness. A number that seems really surreal when you imagine this number of people in one place. Thank you very much for that. ❤️
Even if it sounds a bit hypocritical with this background, I would like to tell you something else. This number, just like the number of likes and comments, means nothing. That makes the pictures no longer worth it and has nothing to do with success at all. 💕 You are great just the way you are. With 3 followers as well as with 300 or 30,000. What helps me remember this is now a small folder on my cell phone. There I collect messages, comments, photos, simply everything that makes me happy or simply puts a smile on my face. 🥰

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