Review 2021

The year was really turbulent. Lots of ups and downs, both privately and professionally, which I don't want to go into in detail. 😅⁣
I started writing down what I'm grateful for every day in the middle of the year, unfortunately it's fallen asleep a bit in the last few weeks, but it's actually helped me focus on the positive. 🥰⁣
That's why I would like to at least reflect on my year in this regard.⁣

Above all, I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for my family, including my boyfriend of course. ❤ I know that it is absolutely not a given to have such support from home and such a large and harmonious family. 💕⁣
I also can't say how happy I am that I've received so much artistic support this year, not least from you. 😍 I can't believe that there is so much interest in my pictures, whether it's the animal portraits, the colorful watercolors or the keychains. ✏⁣
Last but not least, I am very grateful that we had more time than expected with our dog grandpa Merlin. 🌈⁣

If you want to use the Christmas season to reflect a little, give it a try. Grab a pen and paper and write down what you were grateful for this year. 🥰⁣

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