I know, I know. I took my time, but today you can finally see the finished drawing. ☺️🥰
And yeah. The horn was intentional.😂
I am so happy when you come to me with special orders. ☺️
By the way, with Tamira here I accidentally used the paper the wrong way round. 😅 Most artist papers have a very smooth side and a slightly rougher side. With Paint On the difference is really hardly noticeable, but I just used the rougher side for the first time and was surprised that I got along even better with it. 😂
You have to do more layers, but you can work much more precisely and I was able to use the luminance in a much more targeted manner. 😅 Sometimes you just have to try something new. ☺️🍀
Have you ever accidentally done something differently and noticed that it worked much better? 😂
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