Do you have artists or creative people in your family? You know that they like to paint, draw or do crafts and you can't think of a suitable gift.

Admittedly, the selection in stores is also quite large and overwhelming, even if you are familiar with it.

Maybe you will find a bit of inspiration or a few ideas in the following lines. 😉

Above all, of course, the classic: drawing books. There are many book series that offer a selection depending on the topic and area of ​​interest. I can recommend “The Art of Drawing” with a clear conscience. I own some of these books that I really like. Books like “Sketch every Day” or “The Reverse Coloring Book” are also exciting, as they stimulate creativity, especially in adults, and are also a lot of fun. (Insider tip: 642 Tiny things to draw. 😉 )

During my research I also stumbled across a small (or large) digital gadget. Depending on the price, there are digital picture frames or even canvases that can be filled with pictures and then displayed as a slide show. Ideal if you eventually run out of space to hang all your pictures, but it's also a question of budget.

When it comes to materials, this is often a difficult question because you don't always know what the person receiving the gift already has or what materials he or she actually uses.

But I once got a handmade sketchbook for mixed media that holds paper, so it can withstand both pens and various other techniques such as acrylic or watercolor. The book was wrapped in my favorite color, has a hardcover that is held together by a rubber band and my name is immortalized on the cover. I was really incredibly happy about it because it contained so much personal stuff and was still a completely empty book that I could fill with my own ideas.

For people who like to color, there is, for example, the option of having your own photo printed as a paint-by-numbers template. The necessary paints and brushes are included and so in the end you not only have a great but also a very special memory to hang on the wall.

Smaller ideas, depending on the artist, are also useful things such as pen extensions, brush soap, dirt erasers (particularly useful for watercolors), mixing palettes, some of which are made in beautiful colors and shapes on Etsy, pen holders and much more

How about something completely different, a high-quality fountain pen for example! Existing works of art can be wonderfully decorated, especially with waterproof ink.

Extraordinary ideas include a 3D pen or a calligraphy set (or maybe even a course 🤔 ) and I even came across a UNO version with map motifs by Jean-Michel Basquiat for game lovers.

Of course, you still know your loved ones best and not all of my suggestions will be equally well received by everyone. Maybe you've gotten a little inspiration and a few little ideas about what you would like to give as a gift or what you want for yourself for Christmas. 😄

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