Animal Welfare Week Day 1 - Cruel breeding


Day 1 torture breeding

A much-discussed topic that definitely needs more coverage. I have already planned a blog post about why I don't explain about torture breeding when it comes to customer orders, but I would also like to use this week because it is such an important topic and urgently needs to gain more reach.

The term torture breeding refers to animal breeds that suffer from breeding-related characteristics throughout their lives. A well-known example are the brachycephalic dog breeds such as pugs or French bulldogs, which suffer from a short nose, an overly large soft palate and their skeleton. Many of these animals cannot breathe properly throughout their lives and their quality of life is severely limited. 

A single day in this animal protection week is not enough to shed light on every single aspect. Especially since many other animal species are also completely overbred to visually conform to a questionable image that is viewed as either cute or beautiful. Hairless cats without whiskers, Munchkin cats, Arabian horses with exaggerated pike heads,... just a few other examples and all of these animals still find buyers even in the most extreme forms because either they are not informed or properly informed or the buyers actually do not care. 

What can you do about it?

In the following pictures you will find tips on what you can do to continue to take action against the breeding and reproduction of these animals. Ultimately, what helps is continuous information and education and getting both veterinarians and owners who deal with their animals' diseases on a daily basis on board.

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