Every year I'm way too late. 😄 It's so hard for me to think about Christmas when the holidays are still so far away, but if you don't do it, December will come too quickly and you won't be prepared for anything.

I'm more or less lucky that the contract positions are usually filled long beforehand. That's a shame, of course, because many people don't think about giving away a drawing for Christmas and ordering it so early, but at least it takes the pressure off me from having to worry about it.

But what I actually always plan to do and never manage to do is draw new motifs. Something wintery, Christmassy. I really like my pictures, which come into the shop at the end of November like every year, but a bit of fresh air would do the business a lot of good. 😅

Planning is therefore everything.

It doesn't surprise me that some of the gingerbreads are on supermarket shelves as early as September. When it comes to Christmas presents, I'm already relatively early. I usually try to come up with a few ideas over the course of the year so that it isn't so difficult to decide on gifts before the holidays.

It's funny that I'm so disorganized and late when it comes to stocking my online shop.

One idea this year was actually to look for a print-on-demand service that would print the products and send them directly to customers. Unfortunately, I wasn't always impressed with the quality of those I tested and it was sometimes unclear where exactly the products came from. Additionally, one mug, the only one I found really cute and well-made, arrived in a thin, wrinkled cardboard box. I'd say I was lucky that nothing was broken, but I definitely don't want to send it to my customers like this. 🙈

I'm all the more pleased that a few prints or greeting cards find their way to you every year and maybe even lie under the tree or surprise your loved ones with Christmas greetings.

Thank you very much for that. ❤️

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