Art vs. Artist


I really enjoy looking at the other posts of this kind because you rarely see the faces behind the drawings and paintings. 🥰

By the way, the picture of me was taken in Spain this year. The butterfly on my hat let me carry it around for about 40 minutes. 😄

I really have to say, I've rarely had a year with so many great commissioned drawings. After my first picture this year was of our own dog and was taken as a memory of our Merlin, I never expected how many beautiful animals I would be able to immortalize on my desk this year. There are many stories, funny and sad, behind the pictures, I don't share them all here, but I always try to bring as much life and soul into the drawings as I can. That may sound strange with a 2D image, but there is often so much more in it, especially for the owners, that it is important to me to convey these emotions. 💕

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